Spending & Taxes

Spending & Taxes

I am a supporter of a conservative fiscal policy in the state budget.

I am a supporter of a conservative fiscal policy in the state budget. Our priorities must be funding what we need, before what we would like. State funds once allocated should be to provide the best services and fees should only be collected and used for the purpose they were intended. Texas roads should be the best roads; our communities and our economy depend on it. I will work diligently to keep our state’s transportation infrastructure sound. The state’s rainy day fund should be maintained and our budget balanced. Our state’s economic growth and development is critical to us all, and there should be no self-imposed barriers to that end. It is important that businesses be created and imported to Texas. Business makes jobs, jobs drive the economy and our citizens prosper. Taxation that hinders robust establishment and growth of business such as the franchise and inventory tax should be eliminated. Oversight of the County Tax Appraisal Districts by the State Comptroller should be increased to provide an improved check and balance to those entities that levy property taxes upon us all.

The Texas Budget is 209.4 billion dollars and a rainy day fund of 11 billion. It is our policy that we will work diligently to preserve a balanced budget, spend conservatively and maintain a rainy day fund to keep our Texas financially free. We will work to insure that we cover the “what we need“ before “what we want”. The legislature’s primary responsibility in the session is to write a budget for the state, appropriate wisely and see that the funds were used properly for the intended purposes.