Public Safety

Public Safety

I believe that the government’s first responsibility is public safety.

Public Safety is one of the primary services of government. The ready availability of quality first responders such as Police, Firefighters and Emergency Medical Technicians is of the utmost importance to our campaign. As a citizen of District 24, I expect our first responders to be well supported, equipped, trained and professional. As a State Peace officer, I expect to serve with integrity and work together with local, state and federal agencies to provide a fabric of protection and service to meet the needs of us all, from the cities to our rural communities to our borders. Effective public safety is done with a holistic approach involving agencies, communities, families and our schools all working together to provide for a safe home, school, community, state and nation. This provides for a quality of life that you expect and deserve. We will work hard at the Senate to keep Texas safe and secure.

Our borders must be secure and our communities must be safe. I strongly support our state’s efforts to secure our borders and to identify and dismantle transnational criminal organizations and gangs in our communities. My many years of experience working with local, county, state and federal law enforcement has given me insight and knowledge of this issue and the understanding of the dire consequences to us all if we don’t act. We will make Texas borders secure and a bad place to be for criminals and gangs. We are and must remain a state where the rule of law reigns.