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It is policy to work with the stakeholders of the community to continually improve the economy of District 24.

Spending & Taxes

I am a supporter of a conservative fiscal policy in the state budget.


Texas is a world leader in the production of oil and gas.


I am a strong believer that our government should be run according to the Constitution of the United States and of the Great State of Texas.

Public Safety

I believe that the government’s first responsibility is public safety.

Property Rights

Landowner rights, such as ownership of groundwater are established in Texas and should be preserved.

Sanctity of Life

I am Pro Life.

Social Issues

The family is the foundation of our society.

Gun Rights

As a Texan, citizen, sportsman and Peace Officer, I am a strong proponent of the people’s right to bear arms, as guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution.


We are free because of the people who have stepped up to keep us free.