SD 24 Capitol Update

Senate District 24 Capitol Update: Priority Bills Pass Texas Senate!

As the session marches on into the last 6 weeks, I am proud to report that the Texas Senate is having a successful session passing a strong conservative legislative package that reflects the top issues of Senate District 24 and the State. In hearing from all of you, it is clear that our State is tired of the woke agenda that is filling our schools and universities. I am proud to have voted for and supported several measures that will protect our children from these obscene ideologies. 

These priority bills send a message: Don’t mess with our Texas. We will not tolerate indoctrination of our children, or those that refuse to follow and enforce the laws before them. We will protect our communities, schools, and families. I have been proud to support all of these bills, along with many others that bolster our state.

The Senate also unanimously passed a robust property tax relief package that will provide $15 billion in relief to Texans. Property tax relief is always one of the top priority issues that I hear from constituents. 

Additionally, House Bill 1, the State Budget for the biennium, is now in conference committee. The Senate budget provides full funding of the Foundation School Program, and provides increases in funding for TRS benefits and teacher salaries. SB 1 also includes $4.6 billion for border security measures, as well as $9.2 billion for mental health facilities and resources. In dealing with the incredible surplus that our State saw, we were able to provide much needed, and long overdue funding for infrastructure needs and upgrades that will help to support the current and future growth of our state.

Going into the last month of session, my office is continuing to work on our district priorities. I look forward to reporting passage of several great laws that will make SD-24 and the entire state a better place to live and work!  

Senate Priority Bills Already Passed:

Senate Bill 1 – State Budget

Senate Bill 2 – Restoring Illegal Voting to a Felony

Senate Bill 3 – Increasing the Homestead Exemption to $70,000

Senate Bill 4 – Adding Additional Property Tax Relief

Senate Bill 5 – Increasing the Business Personal Property Tax Exemption

Senate Bill 6 – Adding New Natural Gas Plants

Senate Bill 7 – Continuing to Improve the Texas Grid

Senate Bill 8 – Empowering Parental Rights – Including School Choice

Senate Bill 9 – Teacher Pay Raise ­­– Empowering Teacher Rights

Senate Bill 10 – Supplemental Funding for Retired Educators

Senate Bill 11 – Keeping our Schools Safe and Secure

Senate Bill 12 – Banning Children’s Exposure to Drag Shows

Senate Bill 13 – Protecting Children from Obscene Books in School Libraries

Senate Bill 14 – Ending Child Gender Modification

Senate Bill 15 – Protecting Women’s College Sports

Senate Bill 16 – Banning Critical Race Theory (CRT) in Texas Universities

Senate Bill 17 – Eliminating Tenure at General Academic Institutions

Senate Bill 18 – Banning Discriminatory “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” (DEI) Policies in Higher Education

Senate Bill 19 – Creating the Texas University Fund

Senate Bill 20 – Removing District Attorneys Who Refuse to Follow Texas Law

Senate Bill 21 – Removing Judges Who Refuse to Follow Texas Law

Senate Bill 22 – Assisting Rural Law Enforcement Funding – Increasing Pay and Needed Equipment

Senate Bill 23 – Creating A Mandatory 10-Year Prison Sentence for Criminals Committing Gun Crime

Senate Bill 24 – Thriving Texas Families Act

Senate Bill 25 – Creating New Scholarships for Nursing Students

Senate Bill 26 – Expanding Local Mental Health Care Access Through Innovation and Accountability

Senate Bill 28 – Addressing Texas’ Future Water Needs

Senate Bill 29 – Banning Local COVID-19 Mandates

Senate Bill 30 – Supplemental Budget

All legislation can be viewed online at capitol.texas.gov                                     

If my office is ever able to assist you or your family with state issues, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our Capitol Office can be reached at 512-463-0124 or by visiting my website here. My team is ready to assist with any state agency issues that you face, including Medicaid assistance, SNAP benefits, workers compensation, and a multitude of other issues. We are always happy to hear from our constituents. Hearing from SD-24 allows me and my entire team to best represent and serve our district.