Flores Campaign Statement on the Veritas Video Series

PLEASANTON TX – “Pete Flores has fought the Politiqueras throughout south and west Texas,” said campaign spokesman Allen Blakemore. “He spent nearly 30 years in law enforcement and has always been in the right side of law – he’s a man of unquestioned integrity.

“Politiqueras in south and west Texas area have been a problem throughout the modern political era, and voter fraud is real. These videos highlight a significant problem.

“Project Veritas has highlighted election integrity issues around the nation. While as often as not, their videos are manipulated and often deceptively edited, their tactics are questionable, and their journalistic standards are sloppy at best.

“Raquel Rodriguez makes some bold claims in her Project Veritas screen debut – yet when questioned by San Antonio reporter Yami Virgin of WOAI-TV (NBC), Ms. Rodriguez said, ‘…I made false statements to the operatives…’

“Here are the facts: Ms. Rodriguez solicited Senator Flores support to help sponsor food for a voter registration event in south Bexar County on August 8. She was paid by check and it was reported on the Senator’s campaign finance report. No other funds have been paid to Ms. Rodriguez.

“A member of the Flores campaign staff attending the Bexar County GOP Southside Headquarters Grand Opening on October 10 distributing Flores signs, caps, t-shirts, face masks provided Ms. Rodriguez fewer than 25 masks,” Blakemore concluded.

More information about Pete Flores is available at www.FloresforTexas.com.