Flores Gains Three Key Bell County Endorsements

Flores Gains Three Key Bell County Endorsements
Shine, Buckley, and Lewis join Team Flores

PLEASANTON TX – Pete Flores, former Texas State Senator and conservative Republican candidate for Texas Senate District 24, released three key Bell County endorsements.

State Representative Hugh D. Shine said, “I have met with Pete Flores during his primary election and post-primary to discuss important issues impacting Bell County and our local communities. Our discussions have focused on real and important issues that impact property taxes, education, and economic development in my House District. Pete has been extremely attentive to those issues in our discussions, and we have developed a relationship that will transcend into what we believe will be one of the best House-Senate working relationships in the Texas Legislature. Pete Flores has my endorsement and support and I look forward to working alongside him as our State Senator in the next legislative session.”

State Representative Brad Buckley said, “Pete Flores has the experience, a record of conservative accomplishments, and a keen understanding of the important issues impacting Bell County. He has gone out of his way to learn about our county and to discuss ways we can move our county forward. I am proud to endorse Pete Flores for the Texas Senate.”

Lamar Lewis, former candidate for Texas Senate, stated, “I first would like to thank my family and friends for their unwavering support. During the campaign, I found Mr. Flores to be courteous and a gentleman. We agree on issues in this part of the district, and I give him my endorsement and best wishes.”

Pete Flores said, “I’m proud to have these endorsements, and I appreciate the sentiment each expressed. Bell County holds the largest vote share of the 13 counties that make up SD-24. I was humbled to have earned just over 50% of the vote during the Primary, but now hope to do even better. These are good men who have the respect of their community.”

For more information about the Pete Flores Campaign go to FloresforTexas.com.