Day: January 24, 2022

Flores Rejects LIBRE Initiative Endorsement

Flores Rejects LIBRE Initiative Endorsement
“Didn’t ask for it. Don’t want it. Won’t accept it.”

PLEASANTON TX – Pete Flores, former Texas State Senator and conservative  Republican candidate for Texas Senate District 24, released the following statement: 

“Last Friday, the LIBRE Initiative endorsed a group of candidates for office. I was among those listed. The news was a surprise. I did not solicit the endorsement. I do not want the endorsement. I will not accept the endorsement. I reject it. 

“I have a long track record of fighting against any effort to grant amnesty to those who entered America illegally. I oppose any effort to establish programs that create shortcuts or allow certain people to jump to the head of the line. 

“I support legal immigration and welcome individuals to share in the American  Dream. The door is, however, only open to those who follow the law. 

“The Biden Administration’s open border policy, opening a floodgate of human and drug trafficking, is destroying our state and is responsible for the loss of countless lives. 

“I demand that the LIBRE Initiative remove my name from their material. My voters will not be fooled. They know where I stand.” 

For more information about Pete Flores go to www.FloresForTexas.com.